About Us

We're In The Pink was founded by Pauline Jay and Susan Steadman.  Here Susan tells the story of why the group was started.

"Pauline and I first met over seven years ago when we both went to the same church in Olney. However it was not until Pauline was diagnosed with breast cancer that we became friends.  Pauline’s daughter had rung the nearest breast cancer support group in Milton Keynes, which I had help set up 20 years ago when I was working as breast care nurse at Milton Keynes Hospital, for some information and support for her mum and family.  Not knowing I was part of the group, Pauline talked to me and I asked her to come to the group, which she did.  While Pauline had her treatment and saw other ladies who had breast reconstruction, Pauline made a decision to
go ahead with reconstruction.  For Pauline this was the best decision as she loved clothes and always looked stunning.

Once Pauline felt strong enough she was able to support other women and her dream was to set up a breast cancer support group in Olney for women in and around the area.  She convinced me to step down from the other group in order to help her to get We're In The Pink started.  So Pauline and I decided to hold our first meeting in Pauline's house on the 10th June 2011. We put a notice in the Phone box, a local news magazine, and put posters around Olney and the surrounding area.

On the day of the first meeting Pauline and I sat with trepidation wondering if anybody would come.  Then came the first knock on the door, which was fantastic, and then a few other ladies showed up.  In all 8 ladies attended that first meeting.  Both Pauline and I were very pleased with the response as we felt that this proved that there was a need for the group in Olney.  Gradually, with the help of a glass of wine and lots of tea and cakes, the ladies began to talk to each other, with some ladies volunteering to help with organising the group.  Overall everyone felt that the meeting was a great success.

Following this initial success we set up a Facebook page and Pauline and I set the date for our next meeting, which was to be held
at At Ruby's Lingerie shop in Olney.  Sadly Pauline died suddenly the Sunday before the second meeting from an unknown heart problem, this was a sad time for her family and friends. However it was agreed by all that the second meeting should still take place.

To everyone's surprise the second meeting was attended by 17 ladies. It was hard to tell the ladies who had met Pauline at the first meeting that she had passed away, but all were in agreement that the support group should continue in memory of Pauline.

It is thanks to Pauline's vision and dedication in setting up the group that so many ladies have already formed new friendships and have found the support they need to help them through such difficult times. We miss you Pauline but we know that you are watching over us and that you will be very proud to see the difference that you have made, and will continue to make, in peoples lives as the group continues to grow."